How long is the game?
Games are 15 minutes and run on the hour, 20 and 40 minutes past. Recommended arrival time is 15 minutes before. All games include a detailed briefing.

Do you have to book?
No. But to guarantee your place we highly recommend you book on (01268) 779100. Payment is via debit or credit card. All Birthday party options have to be booked in advance.

Do we provide Cakes or Party bags?
We do not provide cakes or party bags, so please bring your own. Your Party Host will take care of cutting and wrapping the cake and sorting out party bags under directions from you.

What food do we provide?
The party food we provide for the children is a choice of a Sausage Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets, Cheese Burger, Beef Burger, or Vegetarian Burger. All options come with chips and additional meals can be ordered with the party at a cost. Ice cream will also be served and unlimited juice will be available at the table.

Is there a minimum number?
The minimum number for Birthday parties is 8 guests (unless stated otherwise). For all other laser games, we require a minimum of 2 players to run a game.

What is the maximum number of people?
The MAXIMUM number of players we pre-book to is 36. It is strongly recommended that you stick to your maximum number. Once the 36 places are fully booked we are unable to cater for additional guests. We are SOLD OUT.

So what if I have extra people?
We recommend that any potential extras are booked as soon as possible. Please book the places with us before you confirm with guests. Once again, we may not be able to cater for participants if we are Sold Out.

Is there a minimum age?
The suggested minimum age is 6 years. However, we have had younger players that can cope with the size/weight of pack equipment, the theme of the arena and the difference in play ages.  Please visit us if you are unsure and want to try a pack for size.

What should you wear?
We recommend that players should wear comfortable clothing that will cover the shoulders, as during the games, the packs will rest on them.

Does it Hurt?
No! Unlike paintball, the laser games are non contact

Do we play on our own?
Generally games are played with lots of different people playing in the arena at the same time. If you want the Arena to your self, then please look at our exclusive options.

Do you provisionally book?

Birthday Options:
If you wish to book a birthday party for 8 people, (our minimum number) then we require full payment at the time of booking. Any larger parties will require a payment of 80% of the maximum number. For example, a booking of 15 people will require you to pay for 12 people at the time of booking.

All games at Rayleigh Megazone require full payment at the time of booking via debit or credit card over the telephone. We strongly recommend that you book to avoid disappointment. On the day Games are available on the hour, twenty past and twenty to the hour. Arrival time should be 15 minutes before to register or make an enquiry for the next game. Staff will advise you on availability and possible wait times.

Still have a question? Then give us a call on 01268 779100